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Figuring out your own meds?

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I admit I don’t know much about this diagnosis compared to depression or mania, so this may sound pretty dumb. But I’ve been on Concerta, with so so results until early afternoon. So the new plan is to add in regular methylphenidate as needed. It’s up to me to decide when. It’s trial and error. So has anyone had that plan and how did it work out?  Did it work out?  If I don’t think it’s working I can stop, but I want to give it a chance. I’m just having trouble figuring out how to manage my own meds when so many factors seem to come into play. Not to mention remembering to take them mid day. 

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His rec was take one in the morning and see how you do. Take another later if you feel it would help. I’m sort of ok with that, but it’s pretty vague. I end up wondering if I should try another, wait, or skip it. Guess I should try a system and keep track maybe?  Look for an ADD tracker and see if that’s an answer?  (If I ever used it).  I’m stressed right now so probably this seems harder than it needs to be. 

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