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Advance Directive

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Anybody have one of these?  I'm thinking about giving one to my therapist, given she is the only person in the world I would trust w/ my life right now.  I viewed not going into the hospital as a victory but it seems pretty Pyrrhic at this point


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15 hours ago, jarn said:

My mom's looked into it and given it to me to look at but I don't know if she's completed it yet.  It's a good idea I think.  

I talked today w/ my therapist about how to structure it.   Remains to be developed but mainly I want to enable her to help steer me to the hospital when I need to go because I am unwilling to listen to others about that.  I don't know what's possible but it will be a conversation we'll be having

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26 minutes ago, Gearhead said:

I have one. Two, I guess, one for physical and one for mental health. They are both very detailed and specific.

I think both are a good idea.  In my situation, the incidents w/ the police have gotten routine.  So, that's dangerous, and I need to facilitate my therapist getting me off the street. 

When in remission, I do Crisis Intervention Training w/ cops to help them see "the face of mental illness" because I've had so many encounters.  When they "arrive on the scene" now I really sympathize with them having to deal with me, and I know how to de-escalate myself.  Or at least this episode I did.   But I've been in guns-on-holsters situations too.  So, yeah, a mental health directive seems advisable.

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