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I can feel the veins in my lower legs pulsing

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I recently changed my dose of bupropion from 150mg a day up to alternating 150 and 300 every other day. I also take lamotrigine at 200mg. 

A couple days ago I noticed I could feel a vein pulsing in my lower leg. 

I woke up very early this morning (like 5am-ish) and could feel a lot of veins pulsing in my lower legs. I got so anxious about it I couldn't go back to sleep. The pulsing didn't wake me up but it kept me from falling asleep again. 

I am really freaking out about heart problems with bupropion because it has increased my heart rate since I started on it. 

So is this likely to be bupropion? I didn't have any side effects going up to 200mg of lamotrigine. 

I am skipping my bupropion today to see what happens with the pulsing, and I might just go back to 150 daily from tomorrow. 

Feeling really disappointed because my mood had improved after making the change to alternating 150/300. 

It's like life doesn't want me to get better. 

Edit: I forgot to say I am walking a LOT everyday so I don't believe it's due to a sedentary lifestyle. 


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It is common to happen (increased heart rate) at 450 mg, my heart rate was at 111 bpm on bupropion all the time. No one was overly concerned about it. I started taking Abilify and that gave me a hand tremor which is treated by propranolol which lowers my heart rate to 70-80 bpm depending on when I take Adderall. Adderall pushes it to the 80's, otherwise it is (resting) in the 70's. Very common side effect more so at the higher doses (300-450 mg).

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Wellbutrin has raised my blood pressure from the ~ 95/65 that it’s been my entire adult life to ~110/70. I’ve always been somewhat tachycardic, in the range of 80-85/bpm, but now I’m consistently in the 90’s. My doctors are entirely unconcerned. 

You should talk to your doc if it’s irritating to you, but I don’t think you need to freak out about it. I love Wellbutrin. It’s the only thing that’s touched my depression without having intolerable side effects. 

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