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Emotional Support Animals. (The cute animal pics thread.)

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On 3/24/2020 at 7:34 PM, DogMan said:Rolling Stones are mutually agreeable with both of them. So this video is just starting their Stones CD, and the boys chilling as a result. 

@DogMan, I once knew a parrot who had a psychotic loathing for the voice of Paul Simon. He would attack the speakers mounted up in the corners of the room every time we tried to play Graceland or anything else from his catalogue.

But the little fucker loved AC/DC. He’d sit on his branch and bop up and down listening to Back In Black.

And he ate chicken, which I always found disquieting. I have scars on my right hand from when he bit me as I was shooting him away from my plate.

Have I been living my life wrong? It all made sense at the time.

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