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My personality disorder comes from where????

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Sorry, complete sh*tpost (no pun intended) but I found this article on the OCPD subreddit and it made me laugh. I won't bother linking it, as it's quite clear the guy who wrote it has only ever read books on it (and bad ones at that)


OCPD can probably be traced back to one of Theophrastus’ "Characters" from antiquity. In modern history, Sigmund Freud provided the first formal conception of OCPD. Freud’s theory of psychosexual development posited a stage theory of emotional growth in children in which they pass through different phases, each with its unique conflict, including “the anal phase.” During the anal phase, the toddler is struggling to master toilet training which taps inner conflicts in connection to control and aggression. Freud theorized that adults can be stuck in a psychosexual stage. Therefore, there could exist an “anal character type.” Individuals with an "anal" character could be described as preoccupied with control: self control and controlling others.

Apparently I should be seeing a GI doctor not a therapist 😂

Look, I did Freud 101 as well, and I know there's anal retentive and anal expulsive. Maybe Freud's psychosexual stages can be the new Zodiac? I won't date anyone stuck in oral, they just haven't matured enough for me...

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To be fair, it was deeply unsettling to me that I was suddenly expected to work at things. Not being spoon fed or in nappies (UK for diaper guys) was upsetting due to my natural laziness lol. 

On 11/7/2019 at 7:05 PM, ananke said:

Individuals with an "anal" character could be described as preoccupied with control: self control and controlling others.

This also makes it sound like we monitor other peoples BM's as well, so let me personally reassure non-OCPD individuals- I don't care how often you poo. Hope that eases some minds

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Pretty solid Freudian thinking there. What's wrong with it? Maybe it's your unresolved penis envy?🤣

God the guy was full of shit! Oral, anal and genital stages. Sounds reasonable. Not at all like the ramblings of a sex obsessed cocaine addict. I've got this theory *sniff* it's all about arseholes *sniff* and genitals. Srsly dude it explains everything! *Sniff Sniff* Greek mythology man it's all connected! What a legend! I mean bellend.


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