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Internal tremor on waking?

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I'm not sure if this runs afoul of the first-person policy. The question is on behalf of my mother who just isn't a big internet user. I'm the designated mentally ill family member, so most people come to me about these topics. I haven't experienced what she is describing so I offered to post here and she liked that plan

She hasn't had much mental illness in the past, but this year there have been a lot of life stressors and she and I have been discussing whether this might have led to some mild situational depression and anxiety for her. 

In the last few months she's been regularly having a feeling of internal tremor on waking up. It goes away after a few minutes. She's trying to figure out whether this pattern fits with anxiety or not. It's not occurring at other times of day.

Has anyone run into this in connection with anxiety? I've had the feeling of internal tremor, but only during anxiety attacks with obvious causes

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