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scared of xanax

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I don't consider myself dependent on xanax or addicted to it.  But I'm concerned that I should know what to watch for/what to pay attention to for if I should be concerned.

I currently take 0.25-0.375mg at 10am and 0.375-0.5mg at 3pm.  So the highest daily dose is 0.875. 

I just note that I'm aware of when a dose is due.  like I can tell when 3pm is approaching.  I don't over do it--I've never gone over and I also only maxed out twice in two weeks.  Those were particularly rough work-related days.   And since we started the timed dosing two weeks ago, my symptom levels have been at their lowest in months.

Anyone have thoughts on what to watch for?  How would I know if it's a problem?

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I don't have an answer, but I've noticed recently that I rely heavily on clonazepam to keep my anxiety in check. I'm only taking 1mg per day so it isn't like I'm addicted to a high dose. But I definitely need my 1pm. Yesterday I forgot to take it and I had an anxiety meltdown. I guess this will just have to be my reality for now.

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Xanax has been demonized by the press and the government. I've taken Klonopin for 10 years and take it every day and i, I am not dependent. I miss doses all often. When I had gangrene and a flesh eating bacteria my pdoc said take as much as it takes. The pain was so bad and not controlled fully,. I would of been dead today due to suicide if it were not for my pdoc and Klonopin.  

The length of time it takes to become dependent, it is months not weeks or days. Dependency is expected as it has no negative health implications other than dependency itself. The same is not true of abuse. 

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If you're going to be on a benzo long term I'd consider something with a much longer half life like clonazepam or valium. Xanax has too short a half life IMO to be a daily driver. It's too much of a roller coaster ride and this can have negative implications in the long term.

Xanax is heavily abused and a lot of it is unintentional due to it's fast acting/short half life pharmacology.

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