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Its serotonin antagonism is much stronger than dopamine antagonism for one, and its active metabolite is a dopamine partial agonist like Abilify, Rexulti, and Vraylar, but with lower intrinsic activity. That's just my guess.

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It's like a jackhammer to the head. It will leave you poleaxed and craving sugar, but the upsides are enormous. I'm on 450mg, half way to the max roughly, and it's helped greatly. Be aware of toxicity levels - I was on 550mg but it was poisoning me.

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Honestly, researchers don't really know because it doesn't follow the typical formulation of antipsychotic meds, i.e. strong affinity for dopamine antagonism, especially at D2 as it's a particularly weak D2 blocker unlike most other AP's, and thus doesn't fall into the dopamine-psychosis paradigm either. 

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