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How sedating is Seroquel XR?

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For me, its not as sedating as the IR when it kicks in. It takes a out ~2-4 hours to start to feel the effects, in my experience. The morning hangover is a little longer lasting, meaning I tend to sleep later, but the trade-off is better coverage throughout the day. Nothing a cup of coffee and warm shower can't wash away.

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I don't know if I was on IR or XR - I was on generic?  Anyways, it didn't always make me sleep right away, but when I did sleep, it was the sleep of the dead.  I had enough trouble waking up in the morning my pdoc at the time gave me provigil I think it was.  I was on 800mg.

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I took the IR for many many years then switched to the XR. 

I preferred the XR. It was smoother and less side effects like less weight gain and by far less sedating IME. I slept at night 9-10 hours ish vs 12 hours a night on the IR.

And I had to take the IR 3 times a day to get good coverage. I was constantly tired. The XR just once a day at bedtime. So much easier.

I took 800 mg of both versions for a total of 10-11 years. I finally switched to zyprexa zydis for a sedating med which is better for me personally. I should have switched a long time ago. Seroquel XR is a good med, don't get me wrong. I just do better on zyprexa personally. Ymmv. And good luck with Seroquel XR!

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