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Clozapine--What other meds go with it?

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Right now I am taking Clozapine 150mg, Ritalin 10mgX3,Venlafaxine 75mg, tofisopam 100mg and that's about it.

I am due to meet my Dr. in two days time. Is there anything else I can ask him to add to this. I am noticing a difference like day and night with the clozapine.

I also get an injection of Invega Sustenna monthly.

My goal is to increase cognitive function and get increased enjoyment out of music. My sickness is close to treated. I am now looking for enhancement.

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If you are feeling stable, there doesn’t seem to me to be any reason to add more meds. My doctor really likes med combos to be as minimal as is possible and I am starting to see why with my own experience taking and being stable on less. The more meds you add, the more you are going to have to deal with with side effects, subtle and not so subtle. I feel a lot less zoned out and a lot more motivated to get things done than I used to feel when I was on many more meds. 

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