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Any pills that are relaxing besides ativan

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There is St. John's Wort, which is a flower that is not regulated afaik. It contains active substances that have antidepressant effect.

Be careful though as it does not mix well with many drugs.

“Kava Kava” root contains Kavain, a natural substance that also has GABAergic activity and should be calming too.

Haven't tried any of these.

They are available as food additives in capsule/tablet form.

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Ok I like these replies.  I see that most of you are saying that you have to get just another type of anti anxiety agent but they're not over the counter.  Well, what about relaxation techniques?  I find that meditation doesn't really work for me that much.  So far what relaxes me the most is just writing a journal.  Maybe I just have to accept that relaxation is elusive.

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