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Damit, had another GTC seizure

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It seems the floor jumped up and hit my right eye socket and left me with a lovely hematoma. Very annoying. As usual I have no memory of this happening and recent memory is spotty.  I probably had a generalized tonic clonic as everything hurts but I have Norco. I bled all over the place, have no memory of that but my roommate, who I forgot I had, noticed. Scalp wounds bleed. I think this one was caused by forgetting to take my Keppra, unfortunately. 

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Thank You Crazyhead and Raspberry. I'm better, I have slept some. I do hurt but have located my pain pills, diclofenac cream ( NSAID cream) and antibiotic cream to smooth my bruises and strained muscles. Boy do I have a black eye. 

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3 hours ago, notloki said:

Lidocaine is the bomb, too. 

I’m feeling particularly tender towards lidocaine right now, because my young nephew got a wicked sunburn yesterday, and I just bought him some aftercare gel and basically marinated him in it, and now he feels better.

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Quite some time has passed since I wrote this. Keppra kept me seizure free 8 years. Neuro says this means it works. Unusual to have breakthrough seizures once you are stable so he suspects hypoglycemia at night. Too low a glucose level and anyone is likely to seize and no amount of anti seizure meds can stop a hypoglycemic caused seizure. I have a great neurologist so he is not pointlessly loading me with meds.

I had a phone conference with the neurologist. The next step is the PCP is to  request a 24 hour glucose level. Stop. This involves my PCP ordering a 24 hour test and finding someone who can do it. We were working on this just prior to COVID hitting. This will tell us if I drop below 80, the beginning of seizure zone. While my neurologist is generally available by limited appointment, telemed/Internet, or phone. My PCP posted a note that she is sheltering at home to take care of her 90's mother. She refills all prescriptions from legit pharmacies with a 90 day supply. She will do limited telmed but must be Mac and I am Windows. She wants to do Facetime I need her to order up lots of tests and a PA for the 24 hour test. I still have not gotten to speak or communicate with her. I may have to wait for COVID to blow over to get elective services, they can't do my cataracs until June.


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