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percocet & memory loss

Guest Guest_gonefishing_*

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Guest Guest_gonefishing_*

I severely injured my back in a fall and was prescribed 7.5 mg percocet, which I took 4x a day, and some valium on an as needed basis for the pain.  After about two months I began to experience memory loss - blocks of time were going missing.  The pain is so severe, I don't want to stop taking the meds but now I'm wondering if it's worth it.  Anyone out there have similar experiences?

He was taking three or four 7.5 Percocets a day, and

some valium on

an as needed basis, not sure of the dosage, but not

notable. The

memory loss started about two months after he began

taking Percocet

for a low back injury, and continued for two more

months. He severely

injured his lower back in a fall, and could not get

pain relief even

with the Percocet

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I cannot find anything in the PI sheets for valium or percocet of any listing of memory related side effects, nor for any memory related drug interaction between the two.

Both drugs have significant effect on the CNS, Central Nervous System, individually and taken together the effects can be synergistic, or stronger than either alone.

One primary effect of CNS depression is sedation. You could simply be experiencing periods of drug induced sleeping.

Take this up with your doctor, to rule out other causes like epilepsy, narcolepsy, tumors, or other drug interactions.

Hope you feel better soon.


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Guest bunni

i take percoset for post surgery pain and it is effecting my memory also. i have trouble remembering things on the spot, like names and such, random words mid sentence. I'm taking the 10 mg pills as needed, but it's very annoying. im not sure if its just short term or not... i hope not.

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Guest illeatyoursoul

Probably worth a little memory loss IMO. I mean would you rather forget things once in a while or be in sever pain?

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Guest tony franklyn

I recently suffered from total global amnesia...losing short term memory TGA...cause not known, but one month prior thereto I had been using Percocet moderately for kidney stone pain...two days before laser surgery and about 5 days after...any connection I wonder

Tony Franklyn

Edit: We discourage giving out contact information directly when members can simply PM each other. 00T

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