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2 hours ago, dancesintherain said:

thanks--everything was checked reasonably recently (about four months ago, other than thyroid which was two weeks ago).  I'm leaning against since the bloodwork all came back fine except prolactin.  I was thinking if it was hormonal that it would be nightly rather than 3/5? 

Just a guess.

Sorry. Just realized this was in ptsd board. Hope you didn’t think I was minimizing. But glad everything has checked out with bloodwork and such.

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thank you all, I appreciate the different perspectives.  There's apparently some relationship with seratonin (per my pdoc), but I'm not taking any medication that would be likely to cause that problem.


I had a miserable nightmare about being stalked and raped last night and I wasn't all sweaty.  Maybe a cold sweat though.  I don't know.  I'll just pay attention to it.  I don't ever remember good dreams, so I don't have a comparison point.

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