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Is Concerta more effective than generic methylphenidate

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1 hour ago, the maze runner said:

Concerta is really expensive but i think it is more effective. Anyone have any expereince with this. Also, why would two things that have the same active molecule have different degrees of effectiveness.

This is the eternal question of brand vs. generic meds.

Generally, a pill contains more substances than the active molecule that don't have to be the same between manufacturers and they may cause a slightly different effect.

As for Concerta, it is an extended release formulation of Methylphenidate, like Ritalin LA, it releases the active substance in a few doses over time.

All of these factors make a difference in effect.

Is the generic version an extended release as well?

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The majority of a pill or tablet is not the active ingredient but fillers. They allow for even disruption and delayed release, buffer those meds which upset the GI and a number of other things. Fillers make for proper delivery of a med. The fillers can vary between generics and it is here that it is possible to have differences in patient response. The FDA has made is clear they do not have enough budget to regulate generics  properly. To assure a generic matches the response of the brand name med and to maintain random testing to keep this level of assurity. 

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