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Well, my sleep schedule is royally screwed up this week. Wide awake until 3am , sleeping in until 2pm. When I sleep in really late, I remember my dreams ( I NEVER remember otherwise)....  Having recurring dream this week - the context changes slightly, but examples:

I'm at a new gym heading to a class. I get into elevator (to go down to the room) and no floors are listed. I don't know where it's going. I plummet down and end up at the bottom floor and it's actually UNDERWATER! I can see through glass doors it's completely underwater (ocean), dark, a bit cloudy... and I feel this sort of anxious feeling that I can't go out, because I will not be able to breathe.

Another, I'm a child, living in some kind of village, lots of nature. I go out to play and there is this sort of secret underground tunnel, spits you out to this other road, like a shortcut. But you must jump straight down. It's always scary because it is very narrow, dark. Sometime I worry it will be blocked on the other side and I will be trapped.

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Yeah I figure plummeting downward, out of control or worried about being trapped, is not a positive thing 😢

Dreaming about an elevator moving down. If you dreamed about an elevator going down, such a dream might indicate immersing into your unconscious. Sometimes it indicates facing reality.This dream might also indicate some obstacles in the way of fulfilling some plans. Very often this dream is a sign of some negative circumstances standing in the way of your success.

Dreaming about an elevator going to the basement. If you dreamed about an elevator going down to the basement, such a dream might indicate making some decisions, which are putting you in a dangerous or humiliating situation. Sometimes it indicates choices which are confronting you with very unpleasant situations and negative feelings. This dream might also indicate being aware of something bad about to happen. Sometimes it indicates choosing a negative experience on purpose.

Dreaming about an elevator out of control. Being in an elevator, moving uncontrollably is a terrifying experience. If you dreamed about being in an elevator which was out of control, such a dream is not a good sign. If the elevator was plummeting, such a dream might indicate your fears of losing control in some situation. It might also be a sign of not being able to reach the desired level in some situation.

-Neither situation do I emerge...the dream just ends.

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46 minutes ago, Blahblah said:

  Another, I'm a child, living in some kind of village, lots of nature. I go out to play and there is this sort of secret underground tunnel, spits you out to this other road, like a shortcut. But you must jump straight down. It's always scary because it is very narrow, dark. Sometime I worry it will be blocked on the other side and I will be trapped.

Also, found this on what dreams with an underground tunnel might mean:


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I guess in both cases it's the fear of stepping into the unknown. An elevator which doesn't tell you where you're going and a hole which can get you to the other side of the road but which you're afraid of. Dreams can just be some random shit, and they don't always mean anything. I dread to think what Freud would make of your dreams. In both cases it's going down holes so he'd probably mention anuses or something. Bit of a weird guy. But dreams can represent how you're feeling, since they come from your head after all. I don't think it's anything more mysterious than how it makes you feel thinking about it. I used to have this dream where I was trying to get somewhere but I never could and just got more lost. Pretty accurate in some ways but people can go overboard on interpreting dreams. They're personal, and there's no standard way to make sense of them, and there's not always any sense to be found. Could mean that you're afraid of getting into the elevator, or jumping into the hole which could take you somewhere better but could also hurt you in some way. Makes sense. All sorts of things we could do or say but we're afraid they'll end in disaster.

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      Usually I would go back to my mother to confront her about what I was dreaming and she would admit, it really did happen. Just by her admission, that was enough to resolve the continual dreams.  Now that freaked me out at that time, that she would even admit that this or that happened to me and it was then that I realized my trauma memories surface thru my dreams.  When the dream is that vivid and I can remember it for days on end, I now know that it's a trauma memory that has been activated by something.
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      I'm starting this topic because I'm curious about the connection between psychosis/hearing voices and dreams, specifically lucid dreams.
      Now I don't have lucid dreams very often but when I do I'm always interacting with my voices (who, if I believed my previous delusions, are telepathic communications of people I know IRL) in their physical form in a virtual, dream-like plane. My voices would have me believe that everyone lucid dreams all the time (except for me) and it's a way of interacting with other voices telepathically albeit with physical manifestations of each other. It can often be a way of two people having intimate, sexual experiences with each other without being in the same physical location of one another.
      I once had one dream which revealed what would then go on to be a deeper delusion where all my voices were in fact talking to each other via a text-based instant-messaging-like program (eg. IRC).
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