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On 12/7/2019 at 2:50 PM, wavesontheshore said:

I haven’t spoken to him in nearly 2 months, as stupid as it is I do miss him, I remember when he would be kind and caring before he would be horrible. It hurts cause I was always the one reaching out to him after the break up, he always hid how he truly felt. I remember when I finally had the courage to tell him we shouldn’t speak anymore, he started messaging a lot more, mentioning how we should speak from time to time. However it was always me initiating contact. I thought he didn’t care anymore and that he doesn’t care about me anymore,  but something always happens.

I would cut contact completely and begin the journey of moving on if he is affecting you to the point you hurt yourself. Cliche as it is there are plenty more fish in the sea and better ones at that.

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