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low grade long-lasting headache

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hi everyone!

lately i've been having these bothersome headaches, and i was wondering if anyone had any insight.

they feel sort of like hangover headaches, but there's no chance that's what they are. it's at the front of my head and feels like a dull ache. it's strong enough that i notice it all the time when i have them, but not bad enough to interfere with anything i'm doing or make me feel justified in taking a painkiller. i woke up with one this morning and it's been hanging around for a couple of hours now. i had one almost all day earlier this week. i have no history of headaches.

i'm not dehydrated and drink 3 L or so of water per day. i drink 1-2 (occasionally, three) cups of coffee per day.

is it tension headaches, or maybe something anxiety related? i'm coming off of effexor right now -- today is my first day of no effexor, and i was on 37.5 for a week or so. any chance that could be it? i haven't noticed any withdrawal symptoms in particular besides a few anxious blips here and there. i'm on 60 mg clomipramine.

any suggestions would be much appreciated! also, if you have similar headaches, how do you deal with them, and why do you think you get them? i'm not looking for anyone to diagnose these -- just suggestions about what they might be coming from. 

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*Sounds* like tension/stress headaches. They can relate to anxiety, and as with other anxiety symptoms, worrying about them can make them worse.


IF they are that, then dealing with the stress/anxiety triggers can help. 


They are a bugger. But should pass naturally. And are likely in no way damaging your brain. There is no kindling effects with tension headaches.


Do mention them to GP or similar next time you happen to be there though. 

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I had a headache like this earlier this week. It lasted all day. I took my meds a few hours late the night before, that's the only potential trigger I can think of? But if you are coming off Effexor I would think that's a likely cause. I get headaches with dose changes to certain meds.

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thanks guys, i think you're right. i have been stressed lately. too much overthinking things. sigh.

juniper, it's helpful to know that you get headaches with med changes. i know i had a wicked one when i ran out of effexor once and didn't take any for three days. 

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