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How has schizophrenia effected your work experience?

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what sort of accounting?


doing people's taxes, and needing to interact with them is very different to the "investor" end of the accounting spectrum


both kind of have a massive hierachy to be scared of/delusional about. As opposed to work in a mum and pop type grocery for example. Authority figures that i need to answer to almost invariably do my head in, add to that the unseen bureaucracy 


dealing with clients can become very difficult with both negative symptoms and mood disorders (i see sza as your dx)


it also makes me an abysmal interviewee. None of my jobs were ones that I interviewed for. They were things like when i started with an education relief agency and they desperately needed a substitute before my interview, so i was contracted one day blind, and it grew from there. Then with said agency i kept getting sent to one place, who sort of decided to just keep me without a real interview

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hey, i'm not sza/sz but i just wanted to say that i also did an accounting degree and now do bookkeeping for a small business. i think it's a really good sort of job for people who benefit from routine and don't like to deal with the public. i do payroll, invoicing, ordering inventory, entering transactions, etc. i almost never have to talk to anyone besides my boss and the accountant who does our year-end stuff and quarterly GST reports.

the other nice thing about bookkeeping is that it can offer some flexibility for folks who can't work full-time. lots of small businesses only need a part-time person to keep their records up to date and process payroll. some bookkeepers even work from home.

going into public practice or doing your CPA is obviously quite a bit more demanding, but i can't comment much on those options as i'm not currently pursuing either. just wanted to drop in my experience as a MI person in the accounting field. i wish you luck in your studies!

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I have just a handful of years of menial retail store work under my belt and that’s it. I can’t work anymore. I haven’t worked for over 13 years now. I’d never be able to handle it. I can’t drive hardly anywhere and I get exhausted and can’t focus and have mood problems and more. I can’t do much of anything outside of the house alone especially. All that damn chatter voices in the background I constantly hear. I really have a hard time concentrating!

The government monitors me to try to take away my disability checks too. They have microphones and cameras in my house that when certain items are “charging and plugged in” those items light up to indicate they are in “charge” mode. Such as the Bluetooth speaker in our kitchen. Well when they are “charging and the light(s) are on” I know the government officials are recording at that time. Trying to catch snippets of what I say or do. That’s just one one example of how they monitor me. Sometimes unmarked cars follow me too. Or people in the grocery store give me looks. They most likely will win in the end. I’ll probably have to end up paying back all the money they have given me and my forgiven student federal loans too.

I’ve probably said too much. But I’m sure they know that “I know” by now. I’ve told this to people before so I’m sure the government has been notified. I’ve been reported most certainly. Scary stuff. 

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