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Looks like we're on about the same cocktail (except trazodone, I hate that stuff), and I have memory issues that come & go, but I think it's more linked to depression than meds.  Gets worse when I'm symptomatic.  I'm up to 450 on the bupropion xl and when I bumped from 300-450 the only issue I had was a decreased ability to use the bathroom regularly but that's another topic.

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16 hours ago, argh said:

Note that this is on 300mg XL everyday. I'm going to back it down to my previous alternating schedule and see what's up. 

Have you asked your doctor about doing this or are you making this decision on your own?

edit* I thought I’d add that I’ve never had significant memory issues on wellbutrin and I was on 450 for 2 years. I find it helps with my thinking. That’s just me though. I’ve been downgraded to 150 because of sleep issues.

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On 12/8/2019 at 6:17 PM, argh said:

Looking for some input here. I fully acknowledge this is ask your doctor territory.

So, I've switched from 100mg BID of bupropion IR to 300mg of the XL version.

300mg was really the shot in the arm that i needed. Ruminations melted, zero negative thoughts, energy, makes me like people, confident, extra take charge mode.

I'm also starting to remember (or not) the issues that i did have with 300mg XL, namely that my memory is shot.

Like my short term memory is goldfish class. I have no idea what happened at work for a day, but apparently i'm told that i was on it, observant and kicking ass.

My mind is like GO!. It just don't remember where it went.

bupropion is a said to help with ADHD and improve cognition. WTF man

I'm a little blah and/or mlergh, but i'm not depressed.

Does it sound like I'm hypomanic enough to have the cognitive issues that are associated with hypo/mania?

I don't get or not as bad on 150mg XL or 2x 100mg IR.

I am on lamotrigine and gabapentin, so words are hard..that I already get.

Note that this is on 300mg XL everyday. I'm going to back it down to my previous alternating schedule and see what's up. Worst part about this is I really really looked forward to my 300mg days.


Anyone else suffer cognitively from bupropion?


I don't remember having that issue personally, even at 450mg Wellbutrin XL. I do remember having a fair number of attention span/memory issues on Neurontin though. 


Has that or your Lamictal dose changed at all? I'd be more likely to suspect that than the Wellbutrin. 


Also, when you haven't been taking the 300mg every day, have you noticed any depressive symptoms come back? Depression is notorious for memory issues. 

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