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So I had made a lot of progress with the AH and they had seemingly disappeared.  Faint noises here and there, but nothing major. 

The past three nights have been different.  Present much more at bedtime and to a stronger degree.  Still indecipherable.  But present.

I've simultaneously caught a nasty URI (that everyone at my job has caught) and been placed on antibiotics and cough medicine (plus OTC cold medicine crap).  It started probably a day before the increase in AH. 

Could the two be related?  Is it possible that the physical illness is causing the increased MI symptoms? 

I'm on my last day of the antibiotic tomorrow, so that might help if so.  The cough isn't completely gone, but the OTC should be able to handle it soon. 


Side note--it's currently getting an extra 5mg of zyprexa.  Usually that does the trick.

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