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Inattentive and impulsive, but not hyper?

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About a year ago I was diagnosed with ADHD, and I've been happily medicated since then. It was a huge help and eye-opener. Recently I've been reading more about it and trying to understand more. The psychiatrist that diagnosed me never specified further than saying I had ADHD, and the diagnosis on the papers that I got also just state "ADHD" and not specifying. It doesn't really matter, since I*m happy on my meds but I've been reading about the different subtypes and it got me thinking. I feel like I definitely fit the inattentive type the best, it sounds just like me. Except for the fact that I'm also very impulsive. To the point where it definitely impacts my life. But I don't have hyperactivtity, and never did even as a small child. I'm impatient and easily angered, yes. But I never felt the need to constantly run around or move my body. I feel like if there was something like an ittentative type with impulsivity that would be 100% me. So I guess I'm wondering if anyone else can relate, and whether that is a thing or not?

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