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I'm newly diagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar type. previously dx'd Bipolar 1 w/psychotic features. I've been struggling with negative symptoms that I always assumed were depression but I have realized that I wasn't sad I been just numbed. Since starting school in September I've had one psychotic episode that resolved completely but was followed by a depression that lasted about 1 month. Ever since the depression has been gone I still find myself feeling unmotivated, anhedonic, apathetic. My ability to complete school work is barely present. I can't think the way I used to and I find that I'm very sensitive to stress. My doctor says that the only treatment for negative and cognitive symptoms are the Latuda and effexor I'm already on at high doses. With my doctor's recommendation I recently started using full spectrum CBD oil with has helped with the anhedonia and stress but the lack of motivation and poor cognition are still a struggle. 

I take 

Effexor XR 300mg 

Latuda 120mg 

Depakote ER 3000mg 

Prazosin 4mg 

Trazodone 100mg 

Cannabidiol 180mg

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3 hours ago, DogMan said:

Do you have a tdoc for coping strategies?


That is also a mammoth depacote dose, which may contribute to worsening them

Yes I do. I'm currently in DBT. It's helping a lot my issues eg. Borderline pd, substance abuse, anxiety, PTSD, and self harm

Nothing else has kept me out of the mania and hypomania like depakote has so giving that up or lowering it really isn't on the table atm.

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