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How to fill Wakix prescription?

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I have searched my town's and the neighboring towns' pharmacies to see if I can fill this prescription for Wakix I just got from my NP for daytime sleepiness and I am not having any success. Does anyone know of I have to go about filling it in a special way? Go through a specialty pharmacy? Is it even available to pharmacies yet?

I may go with Sunosi if I can't get Wakix, since I can't seem to get my doctor to go past the max dose of Dexedrine.

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41 minutes ago, argh said:

A mail-order perhaps?

Any suggestions as to which one(s) to try? I did try Geesons, but they couldn't order it. I'm beginning to think this is a specialized medicine that has to be ordered from a specialized pharmacy...

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I think I have to fill out a form to have it delivered  to either my pharmacy, my doctor's office, or my house. I found the form, but need to get my doctor to sign off on it. I don't know where to go from there. I guess we'll figure it out.

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