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So it seems unlikely, but is there any chance that a slight lamictal increase could trigger increased auditory hallucinations without impacting mood (i.e. not causing hypomania)?  I'm talking small - 250 to 275 and 275 to 300.

I ask because after the first 250-275 change, I had a spike in AH.  They stabilized and got rather quiet for a while.  Last week we increased the lamictal again to 300mg and within a day the AHs are picking up.

It seems like a situation of correlation, rather than causation, but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask.

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thanks!  I definitely see AH as part of psychosis.

i don’t know if it is accurate, but i see schizoaffective as a blend of a lot of schizophrenia with a lot of bipolar.  At the least, my psychosis is most responsive to Fanapt, which is currently only clinically indicated for schizophrenia.  So there’s some overlap.

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strangely, I think we may have found the culprit.  We progressively dropped the lamictal back to 200mg and the AH got progressively quieter as we did that.  When we hit 200mg (with the intention of staying there), there weren't any AH. 

Because of sleep difficulties, we cut the evening fanapt dose back to 4mg from 6mg.  That didn't cause the AH to resurface, which makes me think it was really the lamictal increase that had triggered things.

fingers crossed, it seems like I might be out of this one.  It's been a little over a week.

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