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Excessive sleeping & shopping?

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Worried about oversleeping, with other bizarre behaviors. This coincides with being given different brands of my meds, but seems unbelievable I'd have such extreme reactions to a simple change like brand to generic?? Only other change is stopped ritalin for a break.

Today I managed to get up by 9:45am (huge triumph), ate breakfast, showered. But then spent HOURS Amazon shopping (obsessively), trying to find a sundress and boots, (which I also was doing late last night until 2am - I saved stuff, but didn't buy)....Last few days, spent roughly $200 (in store) bought a bunch of sale sweaters, a dress, yet I spend most time at home in pjs at moment, so stuff I don't need.

This afternoon tried to read, but became drowsy, back to bed laying there half-asleep 3.5 hours. Middle of afternoon. My mood is fine, totally stable. I'm sleeping like 10-12 hours per night. All I want to do is lay in bed! Staring at walls or shopping online, all day. Anyone relate?

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2 hours ago, Gearhead said:

Do you get SAD at all? Winter doesn’t have to depress you. I consistently feel my worst every July, and feel best in winter. Aura gets manic in the winter.

I don't think so...I don't feel "bad" per se, I mean, my mood is fine, very stable, fairly content. It's more like an extreme form of laziness maybe, I'm not super fatigued or tired....its weird. No drive at all.

2 hours ago, Gearhead said:

Argh is right. You can feel changes between brands. I had a major Wellbutrin issue last summer. Around here you can ask your doctor to specify name brand as medically necessary on your scrips. Maybe try that next time?

If so, I feel it pretty strongly - like it's a higher dosage of Effexor, more Serotonin effect making me drowsy-ish (pleasant, but L-A-Z-Y!)

1 hour ago, Ion said:

The oversleeping and the overspending both sound to me like they could be related to the Ritalin change

Maybe it's a combination of all of the above...I don't feel driven at all, no desire to do anything, even cook.

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