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Clozaril for negative symptoms

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So I have been struggling with my schizoaffective more and more the past couple months while my current meds were enough to handle the episodes I was experiencing I still dealt with 3 day psychotic breaks triggered by stress and negative symptoms which are negatively impacting my ability to preform well academically. I feel as though I only get partially better but I've never returned to my true baseline. It's always something whether it's mania, depression, psychosis. The past couple of weeks have been manic and have been hallucinating daily. My doc increased my Latuda to 160mg and while being on it a couple of days my psychosis is a little better and the mania is gone I left dealing with negative symptoms and awaiting the return of psychosis.

I was wondering on peoples experiences with using clozapine and it's effects on their negative symptoms, impulsivity, breath through psychosis etc. 

I've tried Abilify, Seroquel, And Seroquel XR so that's 2 that I've tried and I'm not getting full relief from my third. 

Effexor XR 300mg 

Depakote ER 3000mg

Latuda 160mg 

Prazosin 4mg 

Trazodone 100mg 


I've tried 









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