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Why do psychiatrists want to hurt me?

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Sometimes when you are experiencing psychosis you can perceive that people want to hurt you but it’s not true. I used to hide in a closet from my husband because I thought he had kidnapped me. He hadn’t in fact kidnapped me but in my head it felt real. 

I do not think your doctor wants to hurt you.

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16 hours ago, OliverB said:

I do not understand it, I haven't done anything wrong. I do not put myself in danger. I am not a danger to others.

Has your doctor suggested inpatient?

I know you're really struggling right now.  Have you given any additional consideration for lithium?  I love it.  No cognitive stuff.  I'm on the lower end of the effective range.  Manages my suicidal thoughts well, though still need lamictal for the added oomph.

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