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13 hours ago, Banana Smurf said:

Is the trial work period for SSDI often carried out to its full term or does an earlier review usually terminate benefits?  I am worried about being fired from work but guess that it would probably be less likely in a few months.  

If you are on SSDI, you are allowed 9 trial work period (TWP) months over the course of 5 years.....Your TWP months do not have to be consecutive.

However, in order to qualify as a TWP month, you must have made at least 880 in a month for 2019...In other words, if you made less than 880 in a month, in 2019, that month would not even count as a trial work period month....(In 2020, you have to make at least 910 in a month for it to count).

It is possible that you could receive a CDR (medical review) while you are working, but I can't really predict the possibility of benefits being terminated before a trial work period is over, since some people might use up TWP months sooner than others......

Also, there are other factors that can figure into benefits being terminated or continued, besides working.......Such as, seeing your doc regularly, taking all meds/treatments your doc recommends, your reason for being disabled, how long you've been disabled, your education level, and sometimes your age can be a factor as well.

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