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I’ve been working with a dermatologist to get rid of warts on my hands.  The one on my left thumb is gone.  The two on my right hand have been persistent.  We started with freezing and that didn’t do anything.  We switched to the blister approach and that has helped out a lot, but doesn’t seem to have gotten rid of them completely.  We decided to do them one more time at least.  She told me to come back in two to three weeks and I said it was going to have to be three—that I’m literally losing sick leave as quickly as I accrue it and she’s not the only doctor I see.  

she mentioned two more options given how stubborn they are.  One involves injecting a form of chemo into the wart.  The other involves yeast, if you test positive in advance for being reactive to it.

both scare me.  Has anyone done either?

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Years ago my daughter had a anti wart treatment that they use for venereal warts but it is used off label for regular ones. It is a cream. Her hands got red at first but  the warts went away.  Also, what are they using for freezing. If they handle liquid nitrogen i noticed it works better than dry ice.  You can try scraping with a pumice stone and duct tape ( that is how my husband got rid of a plantar wart).  My son had one lasered off his foot. The procedure was quick but it took awhile to heal.

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thanks @confused.  I didn't realize what else was out there.  I have a home treat option that I use once the blisters pop and skin falls off.  The freezing was liquid nitrogen I believe--it did next to nothing (if not nothing).  She scrapes when I see her but I hadn't thought about scraping them myself.  That makes sense.  Lasers have not been mentioned, so I can explore

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