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From Anafranil to Trintellix

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I'm currently switching from Anafranil (clomipramine) to Trintellix (vortioxetine) because of sexual side effects. I've taken SSRIs for 20 years and I've had it with the sexual side effects. I've come to the conclusion that clomipramine has decreased nocturnal erections for me which is a very bad thing. My NPP-C ( nurse practitioner) had me go from 50mg clomipramine, to 25mg clomipramine with 5mg Trintellix. The sexual side effects are nearly gone now.

At first I was a bit loopy! Then as the clomipramine blood level lowered I started to feel depressed. My mood has gradually gotten better, but not good enough. I didn't enjoy Christmas or New Year's very much and I usually do. Next I'll be taking 10mg Trintellix and no clomipramine. I'm worried that it won't work and I will be miserable.

I started taking SSRIs for OCD. The OCD re-manifested as intrusive thoughts a few years ago and it seems that my Vraylar helps while the clomipramine doesn't. I have heard that intrusive thoughts are not diminished by SSRIs in some other people as well.

The difference between clomipramine and Trintellix is staggering. Clomipramine works on something like 5-6 times more receptors in the brain than Trintellix.

I would appreciate any advice or what to expect. I'm especially interested in hearing from anyone else that has switched from a tricyclic to Trintellix.

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