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I have been taking Saphris for a long time but have never figured out how to not fall asleep quickly after taking it.  I generally take it right before bed because of how tired it makes me but this is bad because then it is very hard for me to wake up for work.  I experimented with taking it around 7:30-8:00pm but then I have to sleep within like 45 minutes and I don’t have to go to bed this early.  Does anyone have any experience with this ?  Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks.



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could you lower the dose? Saphris comes in 2.5mgs too, could you try 7.5 if its really interfering with your schedule? some people also split the dose am/pm. However, if its been working well at that dose for 10 years I could see why that isn't a particularly appealing idea 

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