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Brintellix Questions!!

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Hi Folks, 

Several weeks ago I was in bad bad state. I ended up walking into the A&E department here to seek help for my depression, I finally got some help for it after getting to see a PDoc a week later. I was taken off Prozac which pretty much did nothing for me and I was placed on Brintellix 5mg for a week and 10mg for two weeks. Besides all the nasty things chronic depression comes with the one thing I really struggled with is my memory, I was finding it hard at time to remember the most most basic stuff. I was unable to read properly, write and some times speak normally.. It was very frustrating so of course I mentioned this to the PDoc.
She mentioned Brintellix is new and one of the features it has is the ability to help cognitive function, of course I jumped at the opportunity. 5 weeks later here I am on 15mg now as the first few weeks didn't do anything for me. I'll be on this for another 2 before my next check up. 
I tried about two weeks ago to write a post here but as ye probably know when you're in the depths of depression writing/thinking just isn't an option. So my question/s are this

1. Has anyone here actually noticed an improvement in their memory on Brintellix? or has their memory improved from the depression lifting. 

2. I'm 5 weeks on the medication at the moment so is it too soon to see any improvement just yet? the only thing I "think" I feel from the medication is plenty of nausea every morning.

3. This is a weird one, I'm curious why is mannitol used in Brintellix. it's listed in its ingredients.. I found this to be very strange indeed. Thought mannitol was used in emergency medicine to reduce cerebral spinal fluid to the brain?

As always, thanks for reading this thrown together post, any information or reply will be welcomed :)


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