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Anyone Here With Bipolar Been Through a Disability Review?

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This is all really freaking me out, and I don't know anyone else who has gone through this, so I hope some people have experiences to share.

I filed for SSDI in 2015, and was extremely fortunate to get it approved without an appeal. My claim was based almost 100% on treatment for my bipolar disorder not working, however I also included in the claim various physical ailments that cause trouble working - chronic back pain, and trouble with both achilles tendons.

Six months ago they asked for and got paperwork from me and my doctors. I never heard anything until this past week, when they suddenly contacted me asking for an immediate call, and told me they were missing information about my achilles tendons. I could go on, but long story short, they've set me up with an appointment, very soon, with a doctor at a multiple sclerosis treatment center, at a cancer care hospital, and I don't have MS or cancer. I do now have more physical ailments than I did in 2015, but the woman I spoke with didn't seem interested in that.

So - anyone else been through a review? What happened?

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I think my diagnosis is bipolar and I've had a disability review.  I had started working intermittently and at a low level so I had some extra questions.  I went in to see someone at SSA to fill it out because I didn't understand some of it.  It was accepted the first time.

When I applied, I was accepted the first try, as well, but I had to see an SSA doctor.  I think they usually just want to make sure all their records are current.  I am not really sure, though.  

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