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obsessive over pubic plucking

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so Ive been plucking for years in my pubic region and over the past year or so with everthing thats been goin on with my life I feel like it has gotten even worse I have tried 2 stop even with ending up with trichomycosis wich is an infection of the hair shafts and getting an extremely painful hair that honestly feels like when i try to find it and happen across it  hurts so bad in so many differnt places like literally it moves and I can  feel the hairs on my legs thighs stomach nose lips forehead neck everywhere Ifeel like its just one long track of hair that I cant get and I knowIshould stop picking now that ive got this infection from doing it but I cant and big bertha wich is what I call that hair because it is actually really long and painful when she gets to moving (oh yea I forgot to mention the hair moves through the palms of  my hands and the soles of my feet literally and my eyelashes and eyebrows the hair breaks my face out real bad also) but all of this is from my many years and long long long LONG!!!!! hours I will spend plucking (sometimes up to 12 hours) down there and Ijus need 2 know is there ANYBODY out there I can talk to  about any infections from obsessive picking

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On 1/16/2020 at 10:56 PM, annonamouslyneedtoknow said:

 I have tried 2 stop even with ending up with trichomycosis wich is an infection of the hair shafts 

Do you have a psychiatrist, or a therapist?....If so, have you told them about your hair-plucking?......Are you on any psychiatric meds?

There are psychiatric meds that could possibly help you control the hair pulling.

Have you been treated for the trichomycosis?......The usual treatment is either a topical or oral antibiotic.

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