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Switching from Zyprexa to Lyrica... withdrawals?

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Hi, so I switched from Zyprexa to Lyrica about 6 days ago and after the first 3 days or so of feeling pretty good, starting on Saturday on through today, I’ve been feeling very... high strung.  Anxious isn’t really the best term I think but edgy, restless, agitated maybe? You think it’s withdrawal?  Or starting the new med?

I was hoping that the Lyrica would cover some of these symptoms as I’m taking it for anxiety.

For clarity, I’m stopping antipsychotics due to the weight gain I’ve had over the past year through several AP trials.  My pdoc thinks I’m pretty well stabilized with my lamictal /lithium combo and wanted to rx something for the anxiety that the Zyprexa has been previously treating.

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