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I was concerned that dissociative anxiety attacks were causing me to be a safety risk at work because I almost smashed my hand with something that weighed a few thousand pounds.  I asked for a leave of absence at work because I thought that was my only option. 

However, they recommended an accomodation and allowed me to take a week off to see my doctor.  

I am unsure of what kind of accommodations would help shutting down under loud noises and anxiety and making stupid decisions on autopilot.  One suggestion from the person that contacted me was reminders about safety by supervision.  The autopilot mode is fine for some jobs, but not one job in particular so I might ask my float schedule to be limited.  I was wondering if anyone would share their experiences with accommodations.

I am worried about going back and being one of the people that are slated for being fired that get written up for everything.  I am not sure that I would take it very well.  

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