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Stomach problems reducing Topamax

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I know that people take TPX for weight loss sometimes, even though that’s not a consistent side effect. I lost weight when I started taking it because I was sick. as. hell. for about two months. Stomach pain, nausea, could hardly eat more than a few bites of anything before I felt sickeningly full. In time it went away. I’ve read about other people having stomach issues during the initial titration.

Now I’m curious about whether anyone has had problems lowering their dose. I went from 75 mgs to 50 mgs, and while the symptoms aren’t as severe, I feel the exact same way I did when I started. I’ve noticed that I’m having particular problems with meat. Even the leanest cut seems too fatty and rich.

l’m almost never hungry, and when I am, I’m eating maybe 3/4 what I used to before I feel uncomfortably full, and then queasy. 

I’ve lost four pounds since Christmas, which doesn’t sound like much of a problem until you consider that I started at 108. Then you realize that it’s more than 3% of my body weight, and you start to wonder.

So. Anyone else have this problem, or anything like it? 

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@Gearhead, I've never been on topiramate, but maybe you could ask your doc about getting some anti-nausea medication?

Also, maybe think about cutting down on meats, and eat more carb rich foods like rice, potatoes, or pasta?.....Just a couple of thoughts I had.

I'm sorry you're having this problem.....Hope you can avoid losing more weight.

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