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I suffered from this delusion for the past.. idk.. 2 years. It’s basically where you believe there are cameras everywhere and your life is just a staged reality show where everyone else is a paid actor. I only feel comfortable talking about it now as i no longer believe it. I didn’t like talking about it when I thought it was real. I still *feel* as though the cameras are there and I’m being watched.

I feel uncomfortable getting undressed to shower etc. I had this sense of dread that something awful would happen like I would be torn apart by wild animals in a sports stadium colliseum style or I’d be blinded and kept in a little cage and tortured forever.


There was a real malevolence to the hidden, coded messages I was seeing on TV, radio, books, films and music. Basically any media I consumed I would see/hear these messages. It is the most terrifying, awful thing I’ve been through. My diagnosis has changed from bipolar to either bipolar + schizophreniform or schizoaffective disorder.

has anyone else had this type of delusion?



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I've been through this type of experience as well and I still feel like it sometimes.  I get particularly reminded of it by odd coincidences or people staring at me or otherwise interacting with me in a way that I could construe myself to be the person being fooled in a massive conspiracy.  

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@mcjimjam I experienced this once!! Truman Show is a perfect way to describe it. Had a horrible response to a med during a PTSD episode (decades ago) became extremely anxious, paranoid, felt like hidden cameras were on me, not wanting to get undressed, shower or do anything weird that I would not do in public, because I thought I was being monitored or might be taken somewhere (?!) Totally - other people were like paid actors, or all in it together! Felt people were staring at me and could hear my thoughts, a horrible "exposed" feeling....

I didn't have super malevolent messages, but I felt everything pertained to me personally. Everything became an odd coincidence. Hidden codes, special meanings in things like tv shows, books. I was very confused. Very scary experience. It was like a brief psychotic-type episode but never had one since. I wonder how common this is??

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Yes, I did not know this was a thing at the time, but I would explain my thoughts that they were like the Truman show. Even with product placement. It was exhausting trying to decode messages in everything. I hear voices of people I know and I felt like they were guiding me, in a way, but against my will. I wanted to say something when I saw them, but I did not know how to break the 4th wall.  They would just say it was a delusion.

I still am unclear on what is/was real and not, but I put it aside and live in consensus reality.

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I experienced this when I was 15. I thought for sure my ex girlfriend was making a TV show about me where she was mocking me while secretly filming me. It went away eventually, but the weirdest thing was knowing it wasn't true and believing it at the same time. Duality. 
I also remember checking bathrooms and bedrooms etc for cameras incase my family were filming me. 

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