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I realized I jumped right into things w/o posting an intro. I'm most happy to have found this site (again). I used to come to the CrazyMeds site back in the day when it was part of the site run by Jarrod Poole. That's been quite some time ago. I still have a very good friend I made there. So let's see, some deets: I'm 58 and either going on 27 or going 70, depending upon whether you ask my boomer friends or my body, lol. (My friends rather despair of my tastes in music, clothing, hairstyle, and art. But other than THESE things, they love me....) I live in a small town in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. I am on long-term SSDI here in the U.S. b/c of psych reasons, which most of  my friends would be astounded to discover. (But you seem so normal....snort!) I see a pdoc with regularity but no therapist. (Had one in the 2019 briefly. He got terminated with cause. His religious liberties infringed on my right to exist. SO over this.) I take a very small amount of mirtazapine but a whopping amount of topiramate. Neither one is working very well. Despite having a REALLY good pdoc, I think I've reached the end of the line with medications. I wish I COULD have have a therapist but insurance plus available of appropriate therapists (I got standards, awright?) = sorry, nope. So I muddle through with good tea, my significant other-a beloved whippet, and the occasional Eminem album. Here's the whippet, keeping warm.


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