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Houston, We Have A Problem.


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As you know by now if you've read any other my other posts, I'm a community activist and organizer. Being mentally interesting makes this interesting at times. But sometimes I encounter someone who makes me seem EXTREMELY sane, even when I was locked in the psych ward having however many jolts fired into my brain. THIS person has become my bete noir (and that of all my orgs). They (using plural to mask identity, even though it's extremely unlike they will show up here) are rabidly liberal in bent, esp. on the subject of environmentalism. This is proving problematic, for they have attached themselves to every progressive org in town (except Y.A.P.-too old for this group-lucky them!) and now are given to appear haphazardly at events claiming to SPEAK FOR THESE ORGS! Yikes! Usually this can be contained, and folks in the community just kindly ignore them. But once in awhile an outside person gets trapped who does not realize this person is unbalanced and does not not speak officially for anyone. This happened yesterday in our Congresscritter's office and had us all soh. They jumped onto this delegation, the organizer had no reason to suspect anything, and then out comes the Susan Smith imitation right there in the office.....it was mind-boggling. And the thing is, this person has NO awareness of how they are perceived. They apparently believe themselves to be, ala Don jr maybe, an eminent individual, outstanding and respected by all, as well as a self-proclaimed academic genius. I call them occasionally to do a welfare check. (Despite having lived here for more than 8 years, no social network.) And I have to limit my interaction. I listen a lot. But it's like listening to someone talk extensively about, oh, Idk....chemtrails. After awhile trying to follow that kinda thing gets exhausting. Basically I wanna know: Are you safe; do you have food, heat, and water? That's really why I'm calling. The rest, I can hear for a bit. Then I have to clear my mind. But they are a persistent item of concern. Sigh.

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