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Choose one - better memory or better anxiety?

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My omega 3 fish oil helps me with better memory recollection but it also causes severe palpitations. Without fish oil i cant recall most of the stuff from my head.

I cant take propranolol due to hypotension and worsening anxiety on it.

So would u prefer better memory or better anxiety ? Should i stop fish oil ?

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Update: I’m not sure if todays severe palpitations were caused by fish oil or not cuz i also started a antibiotic called amoxicillin for throat infection today. I just took 2nd dose of amoxicillin just now lets see if the palpitations start again or not. If it does not then my palpitations are caused by fish oil.

I will update soon about cause of palpitations

Well in general 1 fish oil does give me slight anxiety but im not sure about todays palpitations. I have been taking fish oil since 3-4 months and I can say one thing for certain if instead of 1 fish oil, i take 2 fish oils per day then i get severe crying like feeling and get very anxious.

1 hour ago, CrazyRedhead said:

What are the things you can't remember if you don't take fish oil?

Well i cant recall most of the stuff from my head. If you put a "pen" on a table and told me to tell me whats its called, i get hard time recalling its name. I mean i know its pen, but the word "pen" is which i cant recall. Sometimes in middle of something i will suddenly forget what i was doing or thinking. Sometimes while talking to people i will forget what i was about to say. All these are side effects of my benzo(clobazam). And fish oil seem to reversed this side effect, well atleast for me. Your results may vary

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