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So I was talking to this guy online an few years ago and recently started talking again.

We made plans to hang out and I went to his house for a drink and movie. We were talking politics and I made a comment that got him angry. I definitely was on the alert. So when he started kissing me I said I wasn't prepared to have sex. 

Next thing I know, my pants are off. I covered myself and asked if he had a rubber. No. And we had sex. I didnt want to. Here is where fawning comes in. My counselor told me its a reaction to trauma, and I was most likely experiencing this when he was on top of me. I was appeasing him and trying to avoid conflict, so I gave in. Basically I was sexually assaulted. 

This is difficult for me to digest, just because if that's considered sexual assault, then it's happened numerous times in my life.

Maybe this has happened to you?

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