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How can i avoid med double dosing?

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They make some that have two doses and four doses too. They also make some fancy ones that lock and automatically rotate to the next dose and have alarms on them (see my most recent blog entry).

I like two apps: one is called Med Helper, the other is called Medisafe.

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I’m fine with remembering my normal meds, because I take them with my nighttime routine. Do you have a regular something you can associate with it, like brushing your teeth, or coffee? 

If I on the rare occasion have to take something else, like an antibiotic, I keep a small notepad next to it. Just write the day (even abbreviate it) and make an x or check next to it when you take it. Especially helpful if you take something multiple times a day. You can instantly see how many x’s you’ve made for that day. 

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I use Google Calendar which will send multiple notifications based on events I set up over a web page to my phone. So for a doctors appointment I'll get a notification a day in advance and then several the day of the appointment. That plus a pill organizer. If there is a serious question to if I did or did not take my pills I default to the essential Metformin and Keppera, which it is OK to double dose occasionally.

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