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What sexual side effect drug are you taking?

You don't even have an SSRI in your cocktail... I mean, lithium is serotonergic, but the risk of serotonin syndrome with other meds is very unlikely (combining with SSRIs, etc.) Your AAPs do in some ways enhance serotonin release, but not to the extent that could cause serotonin syndrome I don't think.

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32 minutes ago, dancesintherain said:

It would either be campergaline or bromocriptine.

that was my reaction

Those are dopamine agonists... 😕 That makes no sense at all. I mean, they do agonize some serotonin receptors but not very prominently.

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So in case you wanted the full explanation -

the risk category for the combination is a C - monitor therapy

the lithium is the one that's triggering the serotonin aspect

the issue is its effect on ergot derivatives (in this case, bromocriptine and cabergoline)

Because the risk is serotonin syndrome, my NP was only willing to go forward with my pdoc's approval

There's a summary from a database that she gathered the information from.  it looks legit. 


My pdoc's take on the matter is that once we stabilize my lithium dose, she's willing to try it and just monitor for serotonin syndrome.  The scary part is that a lot of the red flags for serotonin syndrome are red flags for my mental health generally, regardless of SS (e.g., cognitive aspects, etc.). So I'm going to have to read up on SS.  Which will hopefully not scare me from taking the drug.


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