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I have not been able to lose weight since I began being treated for hypothyroidism. Oddly, my TSH levels are extremely suppressed (they show up as the minimum possible value on blood tests), but my free T3 and T4 are either low-normal or mid-normal. I have asked my endo if I might have central hypothyroidism, either by my hypothalamus or pituitary not telling my thyroid to secrete thyroid hormones, and all he said was "maybe," no further investigation.

I have not, however, ever seen reverse T3 (rT3) on any of my thyroid panels, either by my GP, NP, or endo. I have read that high rT3 can cause weight gain or difficulty in weight loss as well as fatigue. I don't remember why it could be elevated though.

Does anyone have any insight into this? Should I request my rT3 to be checked next appointment?

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