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yeah, i suck

Guest Guest_spiral_*

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Guest Guest_spiral_*

did i sign on?


so i woke up and found my arms burning because sometime last night i took a razor blade to them. now i look like a god damn lawn mower raked me.

i meeting someone new in a week and i feel really stupid.

i don't even remember doing it.

my really long mental illness label is popping up again and i feel like jumping out this here window.

yeah i'm lame.

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Guest ~Aurelie~

um. no. not lame. not at all.

i don't talk much about this, but sometimes i find stuff happened too. that is scary. scary and confusing. does your doctor know this happens? are you ok right now? is someone with you?

does writing stuff out help you?

sorry if i'm way off base.

just. i didn't like seeing your post here just sitting. better people will come by and support you i'm sure.

i hope you are ok.


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Guest Guest_spiral_*

thanks for your support.

um. no i don't have anyone that lives here. they are all far far away.

i don't usually talk about this stuff.

i want to stop now.

i hope i can. i did so well for so long.

doc is informed about the mental stuff but not the cuts.

maybe later.

so stupid.

i wish i wouldn't have done it.

too much wish for one body.

i'm ok now just feel really mad at myself

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don't be mad at yourself. 

you say you don't remember doing it... were you drunk or do you just not remember it?  do you loose time otherwise?  you should tell your doctor about loosing time.  and hopefully you'll eventually feel comfortable telling your doctor about the cutting as well.

but don't be mad. you've already punished yourself enough.


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