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Talk Therapy caused a flood

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I don't want to go over every detail but I disclosed a bit including sleep issues and some trauma history.

I became so forgetful that day.  I forgot the date of the appointment, lost my headphones, my wallet, and got another date mixed up.

I am not always that absent minded.

I felt okay after leaving.  When I got home I wrote some stuff that was sort of related to the trauma and cried uncontrollably for a few hours.  Then I slept.

I just felt flooded.

And what I wrote wasn't even about a trauma.  I guess it was the trauma of a lost relationship and I realize some things I hadn't dealt with. It's the broken relationships and just trying to have relationships after some of the stuff that went on.

I cling to ideals I guess and people that I think don't make me feel traumatized.  But they're gone and I feel I have trouble connecting and having healthy relationships.

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Trauma therapy can feel like a damn opening. Sometimes you have to let the metaphorical water drain. It becomes easier to find and hold healthier relationships when you have a better one with yourself. After trauma therapy I found talking about what I could do differently in my own relationships to be a good complementary topic. Hope the rawness goes away soon.

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