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Aloha and all that good stuff....

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I don't know who all is here, just wanted to say Hi!  It feels like it has been forever (maybe it has) but loosing all the teeth to lithium still seems to have done the trick.  I'm pretty stable (but slightly unbalanced as always) since doctors, en masse, have decided Natural Thryoid is the devil. I tried Synthroid and almost died.  It was not good.)

Somehow, lucked into a job on the edge of the world, in a small town in Cochise County AZ you can see the border wall,  it's fun.) Making more money than I ever have in my  life, LOL but still totally poor because we spent 30 k and a year rehabbing our house, Then the husband came up for the holidays and the hot water exploded. The entire place was being sprayed by hot water for 3 weeks.

Our insurance company are being complete assholes, Anyway, we have an empty shell of a house at the moment that we are supposed to "rebuild" at present, with far less money to even rebuild it like,, well, crap,  and way worse than it was looking (ONG all it needed was PAINT.) I keep asking the husband if we can burn it down and just collect the insurance money.  He said we could make it look like packrats got in the electrical system and start a fire, but that would be insurance fraud.

So, I will be up in Douglas, Alone, Without a husband for another year. Oh, he says it will go faster but IDK....  We'll see.

Speaking of the husband, things are going well there.  He has returned to sanity, more or less (I mean, he's always gonna have PTSD) but he's returned to his more normal self THANK GOD.  I know I will never get "Truth" but I finally just bit the bullet and said to me, "Listen,  he's never going to tell you  the worst,, so just assume he slept with 50 ladies of the night and then ACCEPT it. So, that took a while, and eventually I did, got my STDs done, and it's all been good.  No more horrible secrets to discover. 

I still say therapy would do him a world of good, but like, I am the person with the highest license in Douglas, AZ, so that presents a problem.  I am also not doing therapy I am doing something called Integrated Medicine and I am liking it, it's short term brief behavioral interventions but a salary of 100 k doesn't hurt either, especially given its more than double what I have ever made in my life, but it's been a lot of fun.

I like Douglas but it's pretty much third world medicine here, I mean... I am considering going to Mexico for my PCP. No lie.  LOL.

Just thought I would check in. Life has been hectic, but mostly good.  I have been a bit of a hermit outside of work, and need to get out more.

Hope all of you I know (and those are don't) and love, are doing well. 


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Good to hear things are basically good for you, Anna.  You were a good mod.  Small comforting words can be remembered forever.  You have to scroll down a bit in this thread but you were kind to me.



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Hi Anna,

it is nice to hear from you.  You have been through a lot with your teeth, your house and your husband. Good lord!

I am glad your professional life is going well and they are lucky to have you.

I am just returning here after pandemic anxiety pushed me to the edge.

I live fairly close to the nursing home in Kirkland which was the original epicenter of the virus.

I hope Douglas, AZ totally misses Covid-19.

take care of yourself.


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