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I bought this for brain fog but I think it might be making me go nuts.  I have been a lot more alert, but last night, my head was jerking while lights were flashing behind my eyes.  I remember all that, so it couldn't have been a seizure, right?  I was having bizarre homicidal thoughts about people I don't know very well.  This morning, I am told I was walking around with a sugar shaker talking about the voices in my head but I don't remember any of that.  I don't remember hearing any voices for ages.  I feel like shit today.  I should have asked my doctor about it.

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Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is a version of L-carnitine that works more in the brain and works to assist in producing more acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is helpful for many cognitive processes, but too much acetylcholine has been linked to depression, and potentially could be causing the other symptoms you're describing.

What dose are you taking and how often?

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I got rid of it and don't remember the dose.  It might have just been stress because I am prone to dissociation.  I forgot to mention it to my doctor when he called because I don't remember it at all.  I also added l-theanine at the same time, but that seems great.

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